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Varanasi one of the known holy places located in Uttar Pradesh that saves in pages of history as Banaras or Benaras and in the forthcoming year 2013 the destination of "Mahakumbh Mela". This place is also known as Kashia a name given by Indian ancients and reason behind this name is it's situated on the shore of Indian River Ganges. It is located 320km in southeast to the state capital LUCKNOW. According to the data received it was the worship place of Hindus, Jain and Buddhists and also the oldest inhabited city in Indian History.

Varanasi that can be honorably carried out as the legacy of the Indian culture and tradition has been the cultural capital of India since the centuries and philosophy, spiritualism and Hinduism is being associated with this divine city. It always remains the eternal pilgrimage destination of the Hindus and today score of foreigners visit Varanasi to have a look of Indian culture and they believe that it's the city where a person can gain the salvation from life. Indian generation often refers the Varanasi as the "city of temple" and today it has become the religious capital of India a big achievement for which the holy land deserves. The surrounded aura of this city creates the positive vibrations in body that is mainly due to the mysticism of Ganga. Hindu culture is deeply associated with Ganga reason their belief that through the one dip in this river all their mortal sins get wash.

Lots of temples, ashrams, river shore, evidence of Jainism culture and Buddhist stoops exists in the city. As Varanasi is the accepted places where more than hundred enigmatic ghats located and interesting fact about these places is these are as old as the city itself and one dip in the flooded water will wash your previous sins. The city is considered as the oldest inhabited city among the all Indian cities; it is the home of mesmerizing traditional temples and the known people of this city refers as the museum of temples. The estimated approach of the existing temples in the city is more than 2000 and every years the number of Indian and foreign visitors increases. Kashi vishwnath, Tulsi Manas, Sankat Mochan, Bharat Mata and Nepali temples are the most famous among all.

Kashi naresh is the chief of cultural patron of Varanasi and its culture deeply associated with Ganges river it has been the religious centre since the multiple decades. Indian classic music originated from the Benares Gharana that developed in Varanasi even the founder of Buddhism "Gautama Buddha" gave his first oration in Sarnath district located in Kashi. Famous Indian author Munshi premchand was born in mid 80's on this land their popularity has created the milestone in their profession. His first novella was Asrar e Ma'abid' published in Urdu and his GODAAN had received the best book award in their period of literature. His writing creations brought the era of the realism in Indian literature and he embodied the socialism in his creation.